AGS ElektronikLiebert 80-eXL TR UPS, 30-80 kVA

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VertivLiebert 80-eXL TR UPS, 30-80 kVA | Kod: 00137

Secure power and maximized energy quality for railway applications. Based on a product platform with a wide installed base, the new Liebert 80-eXL TR is a monolithic product that combines a modern transformer free design with an innovative state-of-the-art three-level topology full IGBT rectifier able to provide clean and reliable power from overhead contact lines and catenary sources.


- 1-phase input rectifier from catenary in combination with 3 phase bypass input
- Easy serviceability of building blocks
- Suitable for both L-N and L-L catenary derived input
- Extremely low inrush current for effective sizing of cables/breakers
- Adoption of three-level full IGBT NPC2 inverter and rectifier topology
- Excellent input performances allow for significant electrical infrastructure saving


- Compact footprint for optimum space utilization
- Maximized power factor operation permits compatibility with modern mission critical loads - both leading and lagging, without derating
- UPS power ratings: 30, 40, 60 and 80 kVA
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