AGS ElektronikLiebert® NXL UPS, 400-800 kVAVERTIV

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VertivLiebert® NXL UPS, 400-800 kVA | Kod: 00136

The Liebert® NXL family guarantees efficient power protection for a wide range of mission- critical applications such as finance, healthcare, transportation, government, telecom, manufacturing and data centers.


- Increased Availability
- Liebert ActiveStar®Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controls
- Redundant components: fans, power supplies, communications cards
- Superior handling of present and future computer loads, up to 0.95 leading power factor without derating
- High input fault current capability
- Advanced touch screen user interface reduces risk of human error
- Excellent dynamic performance
- Generator and utility friendly with low current distortion
- Optimized Total Cost of Ownership
- Up to 94% operating efficiency in double conversion mode and up to 98% operating efficiency in Intelligent Eco-Mode - operation
- Front access for optimized installation and service
- Compact cabinets optimize use of floorspace
- Improved cable access resulting in faster installation
- Inter-cabinet cabling requiring reduced hard wiring


- True on-line double conversion topology
- Advanced touch screen user interface
- Superior overload and fault-clearing capability
- High operating efficiency level
- Intelligent paralleling control capability
- Supports leading power factor loads without derating
- Latest generation IGBTs
- Output isolation transformer
- Continuous duty static bypass switch
- Power factor management and generator friendly operation
- Compact footprint
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