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VertivLiebert ITA UPS, 10-40 kVA | Kod: 00130

The Liebert® ITA UPS series provides a highly efficient and reliable power protection solution for your computer rooms, storage and network equipment.


- High efficiency for reduced TCO
- Remarkable active power availability
- Installation flexibility and optimized space occupation
- Integrated parallel and load bus synchronization
- Extreme flexibility for different runtime configurations
- Reduced battery recharging time
- Enabled with VertivTM LIFETM services remote diagnostics and preventive monitoring


- Efficiency in double conversion exceeding 95%
- ECO mode operation with efficiency up to 98%
- 0.99 input power factor
- 0.9 output power factor
- Rack-tower design
- Optional switchboard for input/output and maintenance switches
- Able to deliver both three-phase and single-phase output (10-20 kVA)
- Powerful charging capability
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