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DTM- DTS-DTX ve HR Serileri

AküHR 12-40 | Kod: 01248

DELTA HR are sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with a gas recombination system (VRLA). Are manufactured by AGM technology (electrolyte absorbed in glass fiber separators). Thanks to this technology the batteries do not require the distillate refilling throughout the entire service life. HR refers to a range of DELTA UPS series, specifically designed for use in UPS Data Centers, communication systems and other equipment.

Performance & characteristics

- AGM technology allows to recombinate 99% of the generated gas;
- No restrictions on air transportation;
- Compliance with the UL requirements;
- Lead plates, alloyed by calcium, provide high energy density;
- Maintenance-free. Do not require distillate topping;
- Long service life;
- The battery case is made of flame-retardant ABS plastic.
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