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DTM- DTS-DTX ve HR Serileri

AküDTS 1212 | Kod: 01237

Sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries series DTM L DELTA brand are manufactured by AGM technology (electrolyte absorbed in glass fiber separators) and equipped with VRLA valves. Series DTM L refers to a Long-Life series with a servicelife up to 12 years. Due to a wide range of batteries and their high performance, are recommended for use in a variety of uninterruptible power supply systems, including exacting electrical appliances (submersible and circulation pumps, boilers of heating systems), emergency power supply and other electrical devices.

Performance & characteristics

- AGM technology allows to recombinate 99% of the generated gas;
- No restrictions on air transportation;
- Compliance with the UL requirements;
- Lead plates, alloyed by calcium, provide high energy density;
- Maintenance-free. Do not require distillate topping;
- Long service life;
- The battery case is made of flame-retardant ABS plastic.
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